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Establishing paternity of a child is important to both mothers and fathers. If you are an unmarried mother, the legal process of determining the father of a child can create an obligation for the father to pay child support. If you are an unmarried father, it can lead to securing your rights as a parent, including the right to have visitation.

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Establishing Paternity In Illinois

If the two parents agree on who the father of the child is, the court will establish paternity without genetic testing. If the parents do not agree, the court will order a DNA test. Once paternity is established, the family court can proceed to order child support for the mother and visitation rights for the father.

In the past, paternity cases were usually initiated by mothers seeking child support. Today, these cases are just as likely to be initiated by fathers seeking visitation rights after the mother has cut off visits with children.

In addition to visitation, the court can give fathers the right to participate in major decisions in their child's life and even have physical custody in cases where the mother is unfit. Unmarried fathers can also have a say in issues such as relocation and adoption that would affect their rights.

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