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Marital property division in divorce can be complicated, especially when a business or other significant asset is involved. It helps to be represented by an attorney who knows how family law judges have ruled in cases involving assets similar to yours.

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How Is Marital Property Divided In Illinois?

Illinois is an equitable distribution state. This means that property acquired during your marriage will be divided in an equitable manner. However, equitable does not necessarily mean equal.

Imagine scales of justice that start out with an equal amount of property on each side. From this starting point, a judge could take away assets from one side and give it to the other side based on factors such as:

  • Your earning capacity compared to your spouse
  • Your education and training compared to your spouse
  • Whether either you or your spouse have health issues
  • Who has the children
  • Who has more nonmarital property

There is a long list of factors the courts may consider. Once we know the facts of your case, we can give you an accurate assessment of where we think the balance is going to end up if your case goes to trial.

All assets and debts accumulated during your marriage may be subject to division, including:

  • Retirement savings
  • Life insurance savings
  • Loans taken out by either side

While a business or home you owned before your marriage may not be subject to division, there are exceptions. If your spouse contributed to the asset during your marriage, a portion of the asset may be considered marital property.

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