When Your Children Are At Stake

You want legal issues that impact your family must be handled as efficiently and effectively as possible, especially when children are involved. At Fuller & Quigg, our experienced legal team handles child custody and child support cases for clients going through a divorce and those who have never been married. We work to protect the interests of our clients and develop the child custody and support solutions that best serve their needs.

At Fuller & Quigg, our lawyer is sensitive to the needs of your family. We will help you with your child support and child custody matters, while minimizing the stress and anxiety suffered by you and your children. Contact us today for a initial consultation or case evaluation.

Child Custody

Our firm has experience with the Illinois child custody laws and can explain how the laws apply to the facts of your situation. The courts often award custody to both parents as joint legal custody. This means that they share decision-making abilities. However, primary physical custody is awarded to the parent with whom the child will physically spend most of his or her time.


One issue that frequently arises in conjunction with child custody is relocation. This is a situation where a custodial parent requests to move away from the other parent. The court must approve the relocation before it takes place; these situations always present difficult decisions for the court, so you want an experienced attorney creating the strongest arguments protecting your interests.

Child Support

In Illinois, the amount of child support that is granted is done in accordance with the statute-set guidelines. These guidelines are essentially a formula in which several numbers are entered, including the income of the parents, other child support or alimony obligations, day care expenses, health care expenses and other numbers that may be applicable. The calculations are then made, resulting in an appropriate amount of child support to be ordered.

Modification And Enforcement

After an initial court order has been established governing your child support and child custody obligations, it is possible to change the amounts by having an attorney file for a modification of the order. Our firm can assist you with modifying your family court order by demonstrating the substantial change in circumstance that has occurred since the initial order was issued. We also can work to enforce an order for child support if the other party has failed to adhere to the terms.

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